Taking off the old and putting on the new

imageI’ve just had a brilliant weekend at the Illuminate conference in Causeway Coast Vineyard along with 900 other women!! The theme of “Inheritance” was expressed wonderfully in our worship times led by Kathryn Scott and Jo Hogg and in the words shared by Rachel Gardner and Arianna Walker.

I have SO much to process and ponder following the conference but I just want to share something I felt God was speaking to me prior to it.

Recently I got some new clothes. My daughters always start wearing their new things straightaway but I tend to hold back. I want to keep them for a special occasion?!?! I don’t want to ruin them!?!?

I felt Him challenging me to not cling to the security of the old but to embrace the new.

Maybe you’re like me and although you have new clothes in your wardrobe, you still feel more comfortable wearing the older ones you’ve been wearing for a while.

Imagine if you still kept wearing the old clothes for comfort or security but then put the new clothes on too. Of course they still wouldn’t feel right and probably wouldn’t fit because you are putting them on over the old clothes.

There are loads of ‘old clothes’ we find familiar and well worn.

COMPARISON – constantly feeling you don’t measure up beside others. Or trying to be like others rather than be who He created you uniquely to be.

SHAME – maybe you feel there is no way you can avoid wearing this. How could He ever forgive you? Or perhaps you insist on putting on shame every day because you can’t forgive yourself?

HURT – are you tempted to keep wearing the words and pain others have put on you?

These are not the clothes you were designed to wear.

The Father wants to take away those old things. He’s beckoning to you to take them off and hand them over to Him.

But that means nakedness and that can only mean vulnerability, discomfort, awkwardness, embarrassment, can’t it??

Maybe as we take that initial step but every time we hand something over to Him, there is a divine exchange, and He hands something much better to us in its place.

So instead of vulnerability, He has very special new clothes for you – robes of righteousness, garments of praise, His armour.

Instead of COMPARISON, He has a UNIQUE DESIGN AND DESTINY for you to put on.

He doesn’t want you to wear SHAME any more but to be wrapped in His FORGIVENESS.

And that HURT you thought you’d always have to wear, He has a new outfit of JOY for you.

So ask the Father what He wants you to take off and hand over to Him and receive His divine exchange of the very thing He has created and designed just for you.


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