Hard pathways

imageI missed last week’s post as I was enjoying a lovely week in France with great weather, food and wine. We all feel different on holiday but for me it has a huge imp act. The sun gives me much more energy and so when I come home, I struggle to adapt to a lack of brilliant blue skies and the return to my more usual energy levels.

Today’s damp weather hasn’t helped and this morning as I was walking in the forest with Tess, I felt very achy and tired.

I’ve had a few opportunities to pray with people in the forest but this morning I wanted someone to pray for me!! But then I felt a wee nudge from the Holy Spirit and realised maybe I needed to keep my eyes and heart open for His opportunity to pray with someone else.

I turned the next bend and bumped into a forest friend I hadn’t seen for a few months. As we walked the path together, she said she was glad to see me as someone close to her has been dealing with fatigue for several years now and she wanted to know what had helped me cope.

As we chatted and walked along I was able to pray for her relative and for my friend. I also got to tell her just what I had been thinking before we bumped into each other and how it was a huge co-HIM-cidence that we happened to meet this morning.

So there in the pouring rain, we both caught a glimpse of the Son and His amazing love for both of us.

Just before I left the house I had been reading Psalm 65. Verse 11 has been very special to me since the struggle of the early days of fatigue

“You crown the year with a bountiful harvest;
even the hard pathways overflow with abundance.”
Psalms 65:11 NLT

If it wasn’t for Tess, I would not have been anywhere near the forest this morning, especially in the rain at 9am and I was so tempted to turn back but even the hard pathways overflow with abundance!

I certainly felt different at the end of the walk, than I did at the start.

Reminded that His purposes for me are always greater than my pain.

Even when I feel empty, He refills and refuels me as I reach out to others.

God took the very thing I was struggling with and turned it around so I could come alongside someone else and see Him release His comfort to them, and in the process to me.

When we feel too weak to fight for ourselves, His grace gives us the opportunity to take a stand on behalf of others and in the process we find ourselves strengthened.

Thank you Lord for your abundance.


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